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Phone: 781-275-2143

E-mail: dianlevart@msn.com

Dianne Levine Art

42 Pine Street

Bedford MA 01730


Dianne Levine has been a teacher and an artist for 50 years. A graduate of Moore College of Art and Science in Philadelphia, she began her career in advertising in New York City, but she always felt that her future was in fine art. She left advertising to pursue her dream and never looked back.


Her life with husband Mark has been varied and interesting. living in a number of states including NJ, NH, NY, MA, CO,CA and a five year residency in Japan as well helped to give her a wider perspective on the world. During her Japanese years,(1996 to 2001)she exhibited widely in the Tokyo area including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and the prestigious Tokyo American Club. Of Japan. While living there she also taught art classes. 

Since returning in 2001, She has been busy painting and exhibiting. Her work has been accepted into many prestigious shows and into a book entitled “International Contemporary Masters., Vol. 4” She is also included in the “International Artists Dictionary.,Vol. 1 ”

She presently teaches pastel painting at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.


Working in pastel, oil and water media, her focus has been mostly on landscape, her greatest love. She is happy however, happy to paint the occasional still life or portrait. Her works have been shown internationally,  nationally as well as in corporations and private collections. She has demonstrated pastel painting  for Sennelier Pastels and for many art groups. 


“I believe that the artist is the an interpreter  and at the same time a creator. An artist can see not only what is, but what could be. I use line, form and color as the language of my work. I want the viewer to come in and take a visual vacation within my paintings. They can then  return to the world refreshed and renewed.” states Levine.


She currently lives and works in Bedford MA.

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